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Are you in the humanities? The National Humanities Center has recordings of its educational programs from 2019-2020 (thus far). They have inspiring topics like Teaching in the Humanities with Graphic Histories, Teaching Ethics with Short Stories or The Role of Historians in Social Media.

Social Science students and postdocs can check out Social Science Space which has archived webinars on Teaching Public Policy, Helping Students Tell Better Stories, and Teaching Ethics. They also have Social Science Bites podcast, which includes great interviews and stories on Happiness Economics or Behavioral Change or the Failure of Humanitarian Aid.

There’s a lot out there for STEM folks:

AAAS has upcoming live webinars! In addition to upcoming webinars on things like Biology meets Programming on May 13th, they have a back-catalogue of recorded webinars (scroll to the bottom of their webinar page) on a variety of topics like “the science of incarceration: the cost of imprisonment” and “fiscal fitness for scientists.” Here are the upcoming webinars:

The National Society of Professional Engineers grants free membership to any full-time graduate student and has 15 webinars from 2019 now available 24/7 for you to peruse. Topics include “Advancing Your Career: Seven Essentials Principles to Set Yourself Apart” and “Hurricane Engineering Response: Restoring Power to Puerto Rico” and several webinars on Engineering Ethics.

Pathways to Science has a catalogue of recent webinars each with a YouTube video recording. Most of the webinars are 30 minutes and they’re on great topics like “Funding your STEM Graduate Education” or “Preparing and Applying for a STEM Postdoc Position” and “Negotiating a Postdoc Position”. For those of you preparing for faculty positions and looking to be a more inclusive leader (and be more prepared for writing your diversity statement), they have webinars on “Mentoring Underrepresented Students” and “Broadening Participation Resources for Faculty”.

Johns Hopkins always has a variety of webinars, from their Children’s Hospital to Educational Policy podcasts and webinars from their Center on Humanitarian Health which intersects with a lot of fields.

The National Postdoc Association may have upcoming webinars that could be of interest to those pursuing an academic career. Note: ALL UMBC POSTDOCS should have access to the NPA resources as we have an institutional membership. If you are having trouble accessing these resources, email