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Certificates/Skill Building

The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) has some upcoming events, any of which count toward UMBC CIRTL Certification. CIRTL is a nationally recognized organization so building toward a certificate is a great resume building. Because we are a CIRTL campus, you are welcome to attend any of the three upcoming webinars and have them count toward your certificate:

UMBC Skillsoft Certificate Tracks – earn a certificate that will build your resume and help you be successful in your academic or professional career. For example, there’s a Supervision Certificate that includes 5.5 hours of mini-sessions (ranging from 6 minutes to an hour). There’s a Diversity Certificate that requires 2.5 hours of virtual coursework (again, split up in sessions from 6-30 minutes) that will help you think about being a better person and may also help you build your Diversity Statement (a typical requirement for academic jobs now).